What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile Dysfunction is also referred to as ED or Impotence. Soft Erections or Complete Erectile Dysfunction is not a disease in itself but a symptom of an underlying disease process. Any number of health issues can be the cause of Complete or Partial Erectile Dysfunction, from obesity to atherosclerosis. Heart problems like high blood pressure and diabetes are common causes of weak erections. Multiple sclerosis is an often overlooked reason for erectile issues in men. Too much use of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and recreational drugs may also result in loss or reduction of Erectile Function in men. Certain prescription drugs can be at the root of insufficient male erections. Other reasons leading to Erectile Dysfunction are; injuries or surgical treatments performed on the spinal cord, mental or psychological problems, such as exhaustion, stress, anxiety and depression. Congestion of arteries restricts blood flow to the penis and will also make it challenging for one to attain and maintain an erection. Healthy blood circulation through the body is at the root of attaining a healthy erection. So it is fair to say that whatever is bad for your heart is bad for your penis. Lowered Testosterone levels in men as a result of improper diet has emerged as the single biggest cause affecting millions of men around the world. Discover how to increase T-levels naturally CLICK HERE >>>>>