Can Yoga Help Improve Erection Quality?

Animated GIF Kapalbhati

The short answer is YES. I have been asked this question many times. Also, I have often been criticized for saying “that erectile function can be improved and Erectile Dysfunction can be cured with Yoga”. My biggest critics are practitioners of Qi Gong who obviously do not understand Yogic Philosophy and Science. I decided to write this post, to answer the question in some detail, explaining this process and how to get harder erections with yoga.

Let us first understand how erections happen.
The first and basic requirement for male erectile function and harder erections is an optimum level of Testosterone. The key here is to understand that there is no need for very high levels of testosterone. If you are in the middle of the range, that is good enough. If you are not you need to work on your diet and exercise plan. There is more information on diet at the end of the post. Second; Dopamine is the most important trigger for sexual desire and frequency of erections. Serotonin and Nitric Acid assist firmness of erections and healthy, powerful ejaculations. An important note here is that anything that interferes with serotonin may be effective treatment for Premature Ejaculation. Post-ejaculation the levels of Dopamine falls reducing sexual desire.

So it is a case of bodily hormones and chemical signals. Anything that can influence this balance will affect our desires and performance. Some Yoga exercises like Kapalbhati have a very powerful effect on human biochemistry. These changes happen in a surprisingly short time. A healthy male can experience arousal in 10 to 15 minutes of kaplabhati in the very first practice session. This happens because Kapalbhati elevates levels of Dopamine. When practiced regularly, Kapalbhati will help you increase Testosterone levels. In addition it boosts energy levels, an essential element of sexual desire and performance.

Our diet has a lot to do with the way our bodies produce essential bio-chemicals including hormones, that help improve erection quality. A man’s diet needs to be quite different from a woman because the bio-chemicals men need are not the same as women. But most men today are eating like women and not only suffering from poor erection quality but also other conditions like man boobs and low sex drive to complete impotence and even depression. You can find out more on this here >>>