Sexual Qigong – Iron Crotch or Male Deer Exercise

It is claimed that Sexual Qigong can have a powerful influence on the male sexual system. It helps improve conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Over time sexual qigong will increase the levels of Testosterone and DHEA. This makes it far safer than taking DHEA supplements or going through Testosterone therapy. It also has a calming effect on the body and improves sex drive and sexual pleasure. Sustained practice may also result in improvement in sperm count and motility.

Sexual Qigong is also known as the Male Deer exercise and sometimes referred to as Iron Crotch Qigong. It should be practiced without any clothes on. Find a comfortable, private space that is not too cold or too hot for your practice. It may be done at any time but mornings are preferred. Results are better if practiced with a natural morning erection. If you are suffering from ED or are unable to attain an erection in the morning, practice without an erection. In most cases you will start to wake up with an erection in a short period of time after you start practicing this powerful exercise. If needed stimulate yourself to an erection before you begin.

The Male Deer Exercise has 2 steps:

1 The belly rub and
2 Holding firm

Step one: The belly rub
Sit on the edge of a chair with your legs apart and warm up your hands by rubbing them vigorously. Now cup your scrotum with the penis encircled by the index finger and the thumb. Due to the odd position you will be sort of supporting your scrotum with 3 fingers while holding the penis through the circle formed by the thumb and index finger. With the free hand rub your belly in circles, between the base of the penis and the belly button 36 or 81 times. Now you need to change hands to rub in the other direction. Rub hands together again. Change hands to rub in the other direction 36 or 81 times. Do the same number of rounds 36 or 81, once clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Don’t be in a rush. Do it slowly with your eyes closed and with full concentration on your hand, belly penis and scrotum. Feel the warmth.


sexual qigong male deer or iron crotch exercise

The scrotum and penis hold cannot be shown here due to nudity issues. However, I can send you a full video showing you how to do the exercise on request.

Step two: Holding firm


sexual qigong holding firm

Clench your hands into tight fists with the fingers around the thumb. Place them palm side up in your lap. Close your eyes and concentrate on the muscle you would use to stop urine mid stream and pull. Hold this as long as you can and release. Once is enough.

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