9 Things To Do For A Hard Penis

Try to do all or as many of the following things to improve the duration and firmness of your erections.

1- Abstain from sex and masturbation for 21 days. But try to get an erection and maintain it for 15 minutes daily.

2- Drink at least 3 liters of water in warm climate and 1.5 liters if the weather is cold. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Avoid all beverages with refined sugar including bottled juices.

3- If possible stop using alcohol and tobacco. In the short run it may be difficult for some, so try to reduce consumption.

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4- Eat more vegetables, grilled fish and seafood.

5- Totally avoid junk food.

6- Start exercising, if possible in the mornings. Do deep breathing for five minutes and take a walk for at least 20 minutes.

7- Get plenty of rest. Everyone is different. Some people can do great with 6 hours of sleep others may need 9 hours. Test yourself and sleep as much as you need. Take an afternoon nap when possible.

8- If you are watching porn restrict it to no more than 30 minutes. Also do not masturbate (ejaculate). Having an erection and stimulating yourself is acceptable.

9- Avoid stressful situations. Figure out ways to manage stress. Try meditation, yoga, listen to music or do whatever works for you. Walking is a good stress buster.

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