Erectile Dysfunction – Do We Worry Too Much?

The only way you can beat Erectile Dysfunction is to figure out what is causing it and what kind of remedies will work for you. The solution may not be the same for everyone. However, curing ED is not as difficult as it may seems. The answer to every sexual dysfunction is usually found in working on your overall health. Any remedy that works locally like creams, sprays and stimulants may not be a long term solution. Let’s see what can help rid you of this sometimes embarrassing condition.

You will need to start exercising more change to a healthier diet and learn to be more relaxed. Listen to music and exercise. You may also need to get more quality rest. And yes drink adequate quantity of water. Giving up porn is also a good idea. Masturbation and porn are killers of sexual fitness. Such changes are the best option but usually take a little longer to work. You may want to eat more fruits and vegetables to balance macro and micro nutrients. To function at our sexual best our bodies need a balanced supply of fat, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition we also need minerals, vitamins and electrolytes to function at our sexual peak. When faced with the inability to have an erection men usually develop the wrong mental attitude, making matters worse. Many times such episodes don’t last long and are the result of short term physical or mental stress. If left alone and not stressed about your body will in most cases resolve the situation spontaneously. By stressing about it and wanting to perform beyond our current condition we end up making the problem worse. If you can learn to not obsess about it and let nature take its course, any short term Erectile Dysfunction episode will resolve itself. However, every case is different and if there is an underlying disease that is causing the sexual dysfunction then you need to take care of the disease first. Any disease or bodily distress can result in reduced sexual ability. If you are otherwise healthy but suffering from ED or simply want to improve your erection quality then sexual qigong and kapalbhati are 2 excellent exercises and should be practiced. Acupressure, Homeopathy and Ayurveda have some excellent remedies for curing ED and improving quality of erections and sexual stamina. I promise to cover these in future posts.

ED is a complex issue. It can be psychological, physiological, simple or chronic and sometimes may occur as a precursor to a disease developing in the body. I have been writing about Erectile Dysfunction and Male Sexual Health for a long time. I have researched lots of material on the subject, both online and offline. In my experience the internet is not really a good place to find quality information and real solutions for ED. I have recently discovered this $10 eBook called “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION”. I think this is a great investment for anyone looking for quality information on the subject. You can check it out HERE >>>

Erectile Dysfunction – We worry too much

The trick to beating Erectile Dysfunction ED or impotence, is to educate yourself and find the remedy that works for you. Working on your health and not just sexual health will solve the problem. The right diet and exercise can rid you of erectile dysfunction. This is the safest option but requires you to be patient and to give it a little time to work. You need to balance macro and micro nutrients. For healthy sexual function our body needs a balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as vitamins, electrolytes and other micronutrients. Most men when faced with Erectile Dysfunction develop the wrong mental attitude which makes matters worse and it becomes a long term problem. When this happens you get stuck with performance anxiety which worsens an already bad situation. Had you not obsessed about it so much, ED would have probably cured itself. You need to consider however, that if your issue is related to an underlying disease process you need to take care of the disease. This will in most cases rid you of impotence.  There are some effective exercises in Qigong and Yoga that really help. This blog has a lot of information on this so check other posts. Look for Kapal bhati and sexual Qigong. Acupressure and Acupuncture can help so give it a try.If you are reading this you are probably concerned about your erections. Erectile Dysfunction can have psychological origins or it can be a physiological condition arising out of an underlying disease. It can sometimes be precursor to a disease that has not taken root and may be undetectable in a clinical exam or lab tests. I have done a lot of research online and offline on Impotence. Good quality information is a little hard to find online. One has to sift through too much to find sensible facts. The net may not be a good place for someone looking for a real solution. I recently discovered an eBook titled “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION”. This eBook is an excellent resource of facts and critical information on ED. I have provided a link HERE. At under $10 it is a real steal.  

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