Erectile Dysfunction – Do We Worry Too Much?

The only way you can beat Erectile Dysfunction is to figure out what is causing it and what kind of remedies will work for you. The solution may not be the same for everyone. However, curing ED is not as difficult as it may seems. The answer to every sexual dysfunction is usually found in working on your overall health. Any remedy that works locally like creams, sprays and stimulants may not be a long term solution. Let’s see what can help rid you of this sometimes embarrassing condition.

You will need to start exercising more change to a healthier diet and learn to be more relaxed. Listen to music and exercise. You may also need to get more quality rest. And yes drink adequate quantity of water. Giving up porn is also a good idea. Masturbation and porn are killers of sexual fitness. Such changes are the best option but usually take a little longer to work. You may want to eat more fruits and vegetables to balance macro and micro nutrients. To function at our sexual best our bodies need a balanced supply of fat, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition we also need minerals, vitamins and electrolytes to function at our sexual peak. When faced with the inability to have an erection men usually develop the wrong mental attitude, making matters worse. Many times such episodes don’t last long and are the result of short term physical or mental stress. If left alone and not stressed about your body will in most cases resolve the situation spontaneously. By stressing about it and wanting to perform beyond our current condition we end up making the problem worse. If you can learn to not obsess about it and let nature take its course, any short term Erectile Dysfunction episode will resolve itself. However, every case is different and if there is an underlying disease that is causing the sexual dysfunction then you need to take care of the disease first. Any disease or bodily distress can result in reduced sexual ability. If you are otherwise healthy but suffering from ED or simply want to improve your erection quality then sexual qigong and kapalbhati are 2 excellent exercises and should be practiced. Acupressure, Homeopathy and Ayurveda have some excellent remedies for curing ED and improving quality of erections and sexual stamina. I promise to cover these in future posts.

ED is a complex issue. It can be psychological, physiological, simple or chronic and sometimes may occur as a precursor to a disease developing in the body. I have been writing about Erectile Dysfunction and Male Sexual Health for a long time. I have researched lots of material on the subject, both online and offline. In my experience the internet is not really a good place to find quality information and real solutions for ED. I have recently discovered this $10 eBook called “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION”. I think this is a great investment for anyone looking for quality information on the subject. You can check it out HERE >>>

9 Things To Do For A Hard Penis

Try to do all or as many of the following things to improve the duration and firmness of your erections.

1- Abstain from sex and masturbation for 21 days. But try to get an erection and maintain it for 15 minutes daily.

2- Drink at least 3 liters of water in warm climate and 1.5 liters if the weather is cold. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Avoid all beverages with refined sugar including bottled juices.

3- If possible stop using alcohol and tobacco. In the short run it may be difficult for some, so try to reduce consumption.
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4- Eat more vegetables, grilled fish and seafood.

5- Totally avoid junk food.

6- Start exercising, if possible in the mornings. Do deep breathing for five minutes and take a walk for at least 20 minutes.

7- Get plenty of rest. Everyone is different. Some people can do great with 6 hours of sleep others may need 9 hours. Test yourself and sleep as much as you need. Take an afternoon nap when possible.

8- If you are watching porn restrict it to no more than 30 minutes. Also do not masturbate (ejaculate). Having an erection and stimulating yourself is acceptable.

9- Avoid stressful situations. Figure out ways to manage stress. Try meditation, yoga, listen to music or do whatever works for you. Walking is a good stress buster.

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Can Yoga Help Improve Erection Quality?

Can Yoga Help Improve Erection Quality?

Animated GIF Kapalbhati

The short answer is YES. I have been asked this question many times. Also, I have often been criticized for saying “that erectile function can be improved and Erectile Dysfunction can be cured with Yoga”. My biggest critics are practitioners of Qi Gong who obviously do not understand Yogic Philosophy and Science. I decided to write this post, to answer the question in some detail, explaining this process and how to get harder erections with yoga.

Let us first understand how erections happen.
The first and basic requirement for male erectile function and harder erections is an optimum level of Testosterone. The key here is to understand that there is no need for very high levels of testosterone. If you are in the middle of the range, that is good enough. If you are not you need to work on your diet and exercise plan. There is more information on diet at the end of the post. Second; Dopamine is the most important trigger for sexual desire and frequency of erections. Serotonin and Nitric Acid assist firmness of erections and healthy, powerful ejaculations. An important note here is that anything that interferes with serotonin may be effective treatment for Premature Ejaculation. Post-ejaculation the levels of Dopamine falls reducing sexual desire.

So it is a case of bodily hormones and chemical signals. Anything that can influence this balance will affect our desires and performance. Some Yoga exercises like Kapalbhati have a very powerful effect on human biochemistry. These changes happen in a surprisingly short time. A healthy male can experience arousal in 10 to 15 minutes of kaplabhati in the very first practice session. This happens because Kapalbhati elevates levels of Dopamine. When practiced regularly, Kapalbhati will help you increase Testosterone levels. In addition it boosts energy levels, an essential element of sexual desire and performance.

Our diet has a lot to do with the way our bodies produce essential bio-chemicals including hormones, that help improve erection quality. A man’s diet needs to be quite different from a woman because the bio-chemicals men need are not the same as women. But most men today are eating like women and not only suffering from poor erection quality but also other conditions like man boobs and low sex drive to complete impotence and even depression. You can find out more on this here >>>

Natural ED Cures in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural ED Cures in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine specialists commonly attribute ED to a couple of problems, a lack of Kidney Yang energy as well as Blood Stasis in the lower abdomen. Frequently, men that have lack of Kidney Yang energy encounter signs and symptoms like regular clear urination, cold hands, exhaustion, as well as lower back pain. In more serious instances, the fire of the Mingmen may be weak causing much more pronounced signs of feeling cold. The word Mingmen describes one of the body’s 2 kidneys, in which the male’s “essence” is preserved.

Chinese Remedies for ED, fertility and male enhancement
Chinese Traditional Medicine is not just effective for treating Impotence but also for Male In-fertility and even Male Enhancement. China has been doing extremely well in terms of producing natural herb treatment for health issues, especially sexual health issues like ED and lowered sperm count. Chinese natives have been using herbs and animal material for centuries to maintain sexual health and treat Erectile Dysfunction. No wonder China has the highest population in the world.

Discussed here are some Chinese Natural Medicine remedies for ED. In instances of Deficient Mingmen Fire, a natural herb formula like ZuoGui Wan works extremely well. This traditional Chinese natural herb treatment warms the Kidney energy and also tonfies the Yang. Natural herb formulas are usually modified to take care of several symptoms or balance an individual body. In some instances of Impotence, some animal materials are commonly used for their improved effectiveness. GeJia (meaning Gecko), Lu Rong (Deer Antler), and also Hai Ma (Sea Horse) may be added to improve the effectiveness of the treatment. Plant-based herbal remedies are usually helpful, like the Rou Gui (cinnamon), Yin Yang Huo (popular name Horny Goat weed), together with Fu Zi (aconite). Plant based Chinese Traditional Medicine materials are cheaper compared to animal materials.

In problems of ED as a result of Blood Stasis, the formula Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang is most typically used. This formula works well for Blood Stasis mainly in the Chest.

You must check out this insanely simple, ancient Chinese cure for ED and super male sexual health. This system was used by Chinese emperors, like Genghis Khan, who sired armies of children. CLICK HERE to discover this amazing secret >>>>

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction, ED or Impotence

benefits of kapalbhati women

In many cases Erectile Dysfunction (also called Impotence) can be treated successfully without the use of any medication. The first line of treatment for Complete or Partial Impotence is the right “sex diet” and regular exercise to improve Testosterone levels and blood circulation through the body resulting in a healthy penis and harder erections. There are many plants that are regarded as effective natural treatments for Erectile Dysfunction or for attaining harder erections. These types of herbs are highly recommended by specialists treating Partial or Complete Erectile Dysfunction. These herbs are categorized into two types namely; the relaxing remedies and aphrodisiac.

Some herbs often used to treat Impotence and help men attain better and sustained erections are; California poppy, wild oats, lavender, valerian and passion flower. These herbs help improve the quality of erections by enhancing blood flow and making one relax. They also lessen incidence of depressive disorders, anxiety and stress, which often result in Soft Erections and lowered sex drive. This often leads to a long lasting solution for male erection issues.

In addition to natural herbs regular exercise and a proper “sex diet” is essential for beating ED and keeping it at bay. There are many foods like watermelon juice if consumed regularly, that aid male erections by assisting blood flow to the penis. Food that help improve Testosterone levels are especially good for achieving harder erections.

The Real Solution for Erectile Dysfunction 
The real and permanent solution to Partial or Complete Erectile Dysfunction lies in improving blood flow and levels of Testosterone in the body. In addition to Issues with erections low testosterone levels can lead to growth of man breasts, low sex drive, feminine fat deposits, inability to build muscle and depression. The only way to improve and permanently maintain high Testosterone levels is through a well designed diet plan. We are all consuming food that is lowering our T-levels. To find out how to naturally increase your T-levels continue reading HERE >>>>

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Picture that looks like a vagina
This is not what you are thinking

Erectile Dysfunction is also referred to as ED or Impotence. Soft Erections or Complete Erectile Dysfunction is not a disease in itself but a symptom of an underlying disease process. Any number of health issues can be the cause of Complete or Partial Erectile Dysfunction, from obesity to atherosclerosis. Heart problems like high blood pressure and diabetes are common causes of weak erections. Multiple sclerosis is an often overlooked reason for erectile issues in men. Too much use of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and recreational drugs may also result in loss or reduction of Erectile Function in men. Certain prescription drugs can be at the root of insufficient male erections. Other reasons leading to Erectile Dysfunction are; injuries or surgical treatments performed on the spinal cord, mental or psychological problems, such as exhaustion, stress, anxiety and depression. Congestion of arteries restricts blood flow to the penis and will also make it challenging for one to attain and maintain an erection. Healthy blood circulation through the body is at the root of attaining a healthy erection. So it is fair to say that whatever is bad for your heart is bad for your penis. Lowered Testosterone levels in men as a result of improper diet has emerged as the single biggest cause affecting millions of men around the world. Discover how to increase T-levels naturally CLICK HERE >>>>>

Erectile Dysfunction – We worry too much

The trick to beating Erectile Dysfunction ED or impotence, is to educate yourself and find the remedy that works for you. Working on your health and not just sexual health will solve the problem. The right diet and exercise can rid you of erectile dysfunction. This is the safest option but requires you to be patient and to give it a little time to work. You need to balance macro and micro nutrients. For healthy sexual function our body needs a balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as vitamins, electrolytes and other micronutrients. Most men when faced with Erectile Dysfunction develop the wrong mental attitude which makes matters worse and it becomes a long term problem. When this happens you get stuck with performance anxiety which worsens an already bad situation. Had you not obsessed about it so much, ED would have probably cured itself. You need to consider however, that if your issue is related to an underlying disease process you need to take care of the disease. This will in most cases rid you of impotence.  There are some effective exercises in Qigong and Yoga that really help. This blog has a lot of information on this so check other posts. Look for Kapal bhati and sexual Qigong. Acupressure and Acupuncture can help so give it a try.If you are reading this you are probably concerned about your erections. Erectile Dysfunction can have psychological origins or it can be a physiological condition arising out of an underlying disease. It can sometimes be precursor to a disease that has not taken root and may be undetectable in a clinical exam or lab tests. I have done a lot of research online and offline on Impotence. Good quality information is a little hard to find online. One has to sift through too much to find sensible facts. The net may not be a good place for someone looking for a real solution. I recently discovered an eBook titled “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION”. This eBook is an excellent resource of facts and critical information on ED. I have provided a link HERE. At under $10 it is a real steal.  

Diet and exercise are the best ED medications. For proper guidance on appropriate diet for improving sexual function “THE MAN DIET” is a safe and low cost option. It is not only a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction but will also help you get rid of feminine fat and man boobs. This diet helps increase Testosterone levels and put on lean strong muscle. “THE MAN DIET” is certainly a better choice against ingesting dangerous chemicals like Viagra with life threatening side effects. What I like about this product is that it is a guide for implementing a well researched diet plan for improving MALE sexual health and performance. The author of the plan is talking a lot of sense. He is recommending a safe option of a balanced diet plan to boost the enzymes and amino-acids needed for good sexual health. I have not needed to use the product but if I had to I would give it a try before popping a pill or injecting synthetic testosterone in my body. It is a cost effective option costing under $20 for the program. From what I know about “THE MAN DIET” it may be used for perfecting sexual health and boosting sexual performance in males. Discover what “THE MAN DIET” can do for you. CLICK HERE >>>>>>>>

Erectile Dysfunction – the superSEXman

Erectile Dysfunction (ED / Impotence) is the inability of a man to hold an erection firm and long enough for vaginal penetration and to sexually satisfy a partner. It may affect a healthy person from time to time and should not be worried about. Temporary physical or psychological stress may induce sexual dysfunction both in men and women. Not “feeling like” doing it is part of being “normal”. Large corporations making money off you would only want you to believe otherwise. However, if ED becomes chronic and your relationship and sex life are affected, you should take it seriously. It may not be easy for men to admit it and talk about it but you need to consult your doctor, mainly to rule out any underlying medical issues. Sexual dysfunction can often be a precursor to Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Depression etc. Often sexual dysfunction in men is caused by aging or a mix of physiological and psychological problems in younger men. In young men it is often the result of alcoholism and excessive smoking, or indulgence in other drugs mixed with bad lifestyle choices. It can be caused by excessive indulgence and excessive use of porn and masturbation. ED affects obese individuals more often. Erectile dysfunction is often wrongly treated with synthetic testosterone and other expensive drugs which have no or temporary effect at the cost of long term loss of health. To overcome ED it makes more sense to adopt a healthier lifestyle, including exercise and healthy, low fat, high fiber diet to your health plan. Ingesting dangerous chemicals cannot be the answer. If you are overweight it is advisable to try and reduce your weight to an optimal level. Always try to rule out diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension and High cholesterol before treating yourself with Erectile Dysfunction “pills”. Abstain from sexual activity for 40 days to see if your body corrects itself and in healthy men it will. If under temporary stress from work or family life let the stress situation stabilize and then evaluate how your body responds. Remember ED is not a disease in itself, as it is made out to be. It is only a symptom of some underlying philological or psychological issue. Men are only being exploited for their insecurities by people wanting to make money of off them. According to PR Newswire “Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market is expected to Reach USD 3.4 Billion Globally in 2019” see full report here. The biggest market remains North America.

The market is not just limited to big pharmaceutical companies although they make the most profit and spend 100s of millions of dollars in advertising. In 2008 over 300 million dollars were spent in advertising ED drugs direct to the consumer. This is in addition to under 200 million spent marketing ED drugs to Doctors and other health care professionals in the US alone. See full report here. A large number of individuals are using these drugs sooner because of easy access to “information” and easy availability of the “magic” drugs. Doctors are only too happy to prescribe these magic pills. There is little research on the harmful, long term side effects of these drugs. Some side effects of Viagra listed by are; sudden vision loss, ringing in the ears or sudden loss of hearing, chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling, irregular heartbeat and more. Follow this link for more. The panic fashioned by these large corporations has shaped a huge market and has created a whole new industry also selling you “natural magic cures to Erectile Dysfunction”. Most of these “magic cures” are nothing more than a plan in one way or another to do the following 2 things; Exercise and eat healthier. What these plans do not prescribe is “get sufficient rest”.

Consider this: There is no medical test that can be done to show that Erectile Dysfunction will not resolve itself spontaneously. In fact most men would do fine, if they did not stress over what was happening to them and did not pressure them self to perform when the body did not want to and the problem was only temporary. If it is happening to a 50 year old male, he needs to ask himself if there is need to stress over it. As we age our ability to do physical and mental labor goes down, for some more than others. As women age they encounter menopause. Therefore my question is what the medical emergency is if at 50 years I cannot respond sexually as I did at 15. Do I pop a pill because I want to do more than my body can? For the record I am 50 and take no chemicals to enhance my sexual performance.

The popular brain wash about Erectile Dysfunction is similar to the one about depression. There is no scientific way to prove that a person is suffering from depression. It is only the judgment or a “call” taken by the treating psychiatrist when he labels you as a person with “Bipolar Depression”, “Major Depression” or for that matter “Arithmetic learning disorder” and prescribes powerful brain altering chemicals. In most cases there is no guarantee that the treatment would work. The drugs are now known to be extremely addictive and may interfere with proper brain function. Most individuals “diagnosed” with depression are told they have a “chemical imbalance”. If there really was a “chemical imbalance” there would also be a way to medically test it and report it. In a very similar way the normal aging process in some and a temporary “sexual fatigue” in others, is being labeled Erectile Dysfunction by the pharmaceutical industry. Drugs worth billions of dollars are being sold to unsuspecting individuals brain washed through large media spends. I would listen to my body and work on overall health. You cannot suffer from sexual dysfunction if you are generally healthy.

Ingesting chemicals to sexually perform better is in my view similar to taking steroids to enhance physical performance. Viagra the most popular brand was an accidental discovery. Sildenafil Citrate the active ingredient in Viagra was being tested as a drug for lowering blood pressure. Its ability to work as a potential cure for Impotence was discovered during these tests. The rest is history. Viagra has become a multibillion dollar wonder drug being prescribed to millions of individuals around the world. The big problem with the use of Viagra is that there has not been sufficient time since its first use for studies to be available on the long term side effects. Some data is now emerging. Going by the standard norm that the pharmaceutical industry follows, about 30 years down the road every drug is “banned” and another one introduced for being better and safer. The word “safer” in the pharmaceutical industry means that “we do not have enough data to label it as harmful”. The cycle continues and every 30 years or so a “new and improved” “magic cure” is introduced only to be banned 30 years down the road.

The best remedy for erectile dysfunction is to exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep and get a treatment for your real health issues. The top of the list has to be “do not stress yourself” and “do not desire to be a superSEXman”.

If you have no medically treatable condition and find yourself looking for something that will help you and not damage your health TESTSHOCK seems like a safe and low cost option. I would try TESTSHOCK any day as against ingesting dangerous chemicals like Viagra with life threatening side effects. What I like about this product is that it is a guide for implementing a well researched diet plan. The author of the plan is talking a lot of sense and claims to have used the prescriptions on himself. He is recommending a safe option of a balanced diet plan to boost the enzymes and amino acids needed for a good erection. It looks like a safe option. I have not used the product but if I had to I would give it a try before popping a pill or injecting synthetic testosterone in my body. It is a cost effective option costing under $100 for the program. From what I know about TESTSHOCK it may be used for curing ED or for boosting sexual performance in healthy males. For more product details CLICK HERE.

How to cure Erectile Dysfunction

Living a sexually active life is imperative to beating Erectile Dysfunction. What do you do if you do not have a relationship? It is imperative that you maintain blood flow to the sexual organ and regularly have erections. A healthy male body will often compensate for this with erotic dreams and morning wood. However if this is not happening you need to take corrective action. I will not get into how you do this but excessive self gratification or over indulgence can have its damaging effects. It can lead to psychological and physiological erectile dysfunction.

The first course of action to cure ED should be to eat healthy and get enough exercise. Some Ayurvedic supplements like Shilajit can be used. Shilajeet contrary to popular belief is not a sex tonic but a general supplement that affects everything from stronger bones to higher energy levels. There are a number of Yoga exercises that are very effective in treating ED among many other health issues. Kapal Bhati and Nauli Kriya are two simple and effective impotence exercises. The Chinese sexual Qigong or The Male Deer Exercise is also a simple and effective exercise for functional ED. Sexual Qigong is mostly used for enhancing sexual and physical capability in healthy men. It is usually practiced with an erection however if you are suffering from sexual dysfunction it can be done without an erection with excellent results.

There are many cures in Homeopathy for impotence. For example Agnus Castus is used in conditions where the symptoms are due to excesses of previous years. There is no desire and the testes become cold. Caladium is used when excitement is there but not accompanied by proper erections. Conium is used for issues arising due to unfulfilled desire. In Homeopathy the medicine or remedy chosen is always based on all the symptoms and modalities. Therefore for every patient the remedy may and often will be different. Always consult a Homeopathic physician for the correct remedy.