How to Give a Pussy Massage – Yoni / Vaginal Massage

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To start a Yoni massage, both partners should remove all clothing and jewelry. Have eye contact. You can do a dry massage or use some sort of lubricant. I recommend the use of oils. use extra virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil or Almond oil, in rotation, from one session to another. You can mix Vitamin E oil to whichever oil you choose to use. Never use mustard oil on a woman. I advise against using oils with additives and cosmetic oils. Always use edible grade oil. The woman should lie down and close her eyes, and feel everything that is happening to her body. The man can now start the massage. Do not go for the Yoni straight away. Keep your attention on the vagina and try to get aroused yourself. Seeing a woman feeling happy sexually can be a very fulfilling experience. Ideally start with a foot massage and move upwards. Stay at least 30 minutes below the knees, softly massaging upwards. Pay more attention to the foot. A simple rule in any type of massage is to move towards the heart. Next move above the knee, towards the vagina, but do not touch it. A woman unlike men can usually feel sexually activated from proper manipulation of any part of the body. A long and sensual shoulder or a foot massage is probably more sexual for a woman than actual penetration.

If you are not getting the woman’s proper reaction, either you are going to soft or too hard. Use a feather, or a soft piece of cloth to tease the inner thigh, the nipples and the area between and around the breasts. Work the legs above the knees for 30 minutes. A woman will not have an orgasm so soon, however if she does or whenever she does, simply stop and allow it to pass before resuming. Please never use these sessions for your (the man) pleasure. The session is about the woman. However being sexually aroused is natural so enjoy your erection but do not try to penetrate or masturbate. Pay full attention to the woman. With practice you will figure out a way of non-verbal communication, but initially the woman can tell you when to stop. Do not just stay on the inner thigh but massage the outside, up to the sides of the buttocks. You may now turn the woman over and massage the back of his legs. Pay special attention to the buttocks. You may touch the anus and stay on the outside, but stay away from the vagina. Stay on the lower back for about 35 minutes. Ask the woman to turn over and start lightly massaging the lower and upper stomach lightly. Stay clear from squeezing the breasts or even touching them for now. The nipples of a woman are kind of directly wired to the vagina and manipulation of the nipples is like touching the vagina itself.

Reach up to the shoulders and neck. Massage the arms and hands. Stay on each arm and hand for 15 minutes. Stay on the abdomen for 20 minutes. You can now ask the woman to turn over and massage her back for 20 minutes. Pay extra attention to the lower back and touch her breasts from the side. Firmly clutch the sides of her lower back during this massage. Also revisit the buttocks. Turn her over again and get astride her stomach but keep all your weight off her. The woman should not touch or grab the penis. Gently touch the nipples and be aware of the woman’s reactions. With experience you will learn which areas of the breast are more sensitive and what she enjoys more. Stay with the breasts for 30 minutes.

Now you can move to the real thing. In traditional Hindu culture the man would seek permission to start massaging the Yoni.

Roll the woman over with her legs spread and sit between them on your knees or cross legged. The kneeling position is better. Start with lubricating your hands and the vagina well. Pinch the outer lips of the vagina softly from top to bottom and slowly slide up and down with the lips between your thumb and index finger. Move to the inner area. Do not penetrate even with your fingers. Massage here as long she wants or until she tells you to stop. Feel every part and touch everywhere but stay light with your touch. Do not manipulate her and masturbate yourself. Stay sexually aroused but in complete control of yourself. The Yoni massage not only helps the woman but also helps the man to learn control. Sometimes a man may end up masturbating, but try to resist the urge. Whenever the man feels an uncontrollable urge to masturbate he can pull the perineum, upward, as if you were stopping from urinating mid-stream. The woman should ideally avoid actual sexual intercourse, when she is going thru these sessions. But if you must, go ahead and enjoy real sex also.

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How to Measure Bra Size at Home

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A final fit for a bra can only be achieved by actually trying out different bras. Bra fitting is best done at home. A good way to do this at home is to buy bras online on a store with a “no questions asked” return policy like Amazon.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and finding the correct way to measure bra size can be daunting. Before we get into how to measure yourself for the right bra fit, the one tip that no one will ever give you is; you should wear the TIGHTEST but most comfortable band. This will prevent the band from riding up and give your breasts a firm look.

How to Measure Bra Band Size
Measuring the Band is an art, not an exact science. Therefore, using a bra size chart, bra size calculator or bra size app usually does not work. Bra measurers, measure the band two ways. The first is to measure above the breasts and the second is to measure just below the breasts. In the first method the measurement you get is your band size. In the second method, when measuring below the breasts for sizes up to 38 add 2 inches (for some manufacturers this may be 4 inches) if your measurement is an even number and 3 inches  for some manufacturers this may be 5 inches) if your measurement is an odd number. For sizes 38 and above the band size is the even number closest to the actual measurement.

Let me explain this with an example; if your top measurement is 32 then your band size is 32. If the Under Bust measurement is 29 then your band size is 32 (29+3). If the Under Bust measurement is 30 then also your band size is 32 (30+2). These two measuring systems will not always give you the same size. The right band size is a little difficult to get right since you can go up or down 2 inches at a time, so try to get this right first. Once you have the measurement try a few bra styles and sizes. The band should fit when set on the outer most hooks. Different styles and brands will fit differently so try a few bra styles to find one that fits your body shape best.

You should try to find the correct band to start with. This can be done by trying on a significantly larger cup size for any particular style of bra. Choose the tightest band that you can comfortably wear. The tightness of the band will also depend on how long you will wear the particular bra at a stretch. The band firmness you wear to work will be different from the one you will wear with an evening dress. The band should feel firm around the ribs. The choice of band will depend on the firmness, size and tissue distribution of your breasts, back and chest area. Try different manufacturers and styles to find the best one for your body shape, fat distribution and sensitivity.
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How to Measure Breast Size   
Breasts can vary significantly in volume, bulk, shape, proportion, position, firmness, spacing, and sagging. If you are a size B, 18 year old model, you could do well with one measurement. Otherwise you need to measure twice around the fullest part of your breasts, once while standing up and again while bending with the torso parallel to the floor. The average of the two measurements should be taken as the bust size. Here we are actually trying to get the volume of breast tissue. If you measure 36 standing and 40 while bending your second measurement is 38 >> (36+40 =76 and 76/2=38). This gives you a better measure of your cup size. Don’t measure too tight. Wear a thin full cup bra to give proper support to the tissue. Subtract the band measurement form this number to get your cup size. Say the bust measurement is 36 and the band is 30 inches, your cup size is 6 or DDD. DDD is the same as F. Different styles will fit differently. So, try one size up and one size down also. In other words if your cup size is DDD then try out DD (E), DDD (F) and G cups when trying out bras. With a smaller cup you will need a bigger band and with a larger cup you will need to select a smaller band. The breasts should fill the cups and not bulge at the top, around the sides and should not stick out under the cup. The band should rest against the chest and should support most of the weight of the breasts and should stay in place even with the straps off the shoulders. Remember that for two women measuring exactly the same the breast tissue volume can differ significantly. More tissue volume means a larger cup size for the same tape measurement. Different bras such as, a sports bra, backless bra, padded or deep plunge bra will fit differently and you will need to rethink the band and cup size.

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Mastering Female Orgasm

Breast Stimulation
As a man what do you need to understand about the breasts and nipple stimulation? Men love breasts but most are self conscious and don’t want the woman to find out, so they spend very little time on them. Breast and nipple stimulation is one of the most important part of foreplay.  You need to understand that breast stimulation is more important than vaginal penetration to women during sex. So play with them and have fun. But remember breasts are extremely sensitive especially the nipples. Don’t treat them like oranges that you are trying to squeeze juice out of. The nipples are not knobs on a radio. Use your mouth and tongue instead of your hands on the breasts and nipples. Remember less is always more. Use a light touch, hard sucking and biting don’t feel good. Watch your woman’s reactions and do what feels best to her.

Clitoral Stimulation
The clitoris is even more sensitive than the penis head. Always stimulate the clitoris through the hood. If you don’t use the right clitoral stimulation technique it can lead to pain and numbness. Don’t blow on the clit or do anything that might dry it out. Dry clitoral stimulation can be extremely painful. Don’t use fingers too much, instead use your tongue. Use soft wet steady stokes even when she is close to an orgasm and is begging for more. To add a little variety use up and down, side to side and diagonal strokes. When she is close to orgasm place one finger inside of her and massage the clitoris with the thumb. If your fingers are not long enough stimulate the clitoris with the thumb and place a finger as close to the vagina as possible. Women often prefer this technique of clitoral stimulation. Every woman is different so watch her reactions and do what she likes best. Never ask a woman how she wants it because women like to believe that they are with someone who knows what he is doing. You may want to watch this video to see exactly how it should be done. Click here >>>>>>>>

Anal stimulation
This is a bit tricky. Some women love anal stimulation others don’t like it at all. If done right anal play can bring your sex life to a whole new level. Unlike other erogenous zones never surprise her here. Go slow and let her have an idea that you are going that way. For more on anal stimulation watch this video. Gabrielle Moore has done a great job at describing in detail how and what to do during anal play. Click here >>>>>>>>>>

Vaginal stimulation: Rhythm and Position
Vaginal stimulation is something most men know how to do well the only thing that men do wrong is they change the pace when come close to orgasm. The woman has better chances to climax if you can maintain a predictable rhythm when she is about to cum. Use long strokes pulling all the way out instead of staying deep inside. Experiment with different positions, speed and different angles of penetration to see what kind of vaginal stimulation she likes. Any position that angles the penis towards the front wall of the vagina is good. If your penis is curved up use it to your advantage in missionary position. If however, it is curved down rear entry would work better. There is no one solution, so understand the anatomy and use your imagination. To learn more on sex positions for better vaginal stimulation check out this video >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

G-spot Stimulation
The G-spot is the least understood and G-spot stimulation by far is the most important for female orgasm. You can locate the G-spot by feeling the texture, around two or three inches inside a woman’s vagina on the belly side. With the women lying on her back insert two fingers with the palms facing up and try to feel any change in texture on the front wall of the vagina. When a woman is aroused the G-spot is easier to find because of increased blood flow. Once you have located the G-spot you need to get the angle right and hit this spot during penetration or with your fingers.

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How To Make Her Squirt

Women can ejaculate is as true as the fact that most women do not know that they can ejaculate or that they have a “Prostate Gland”. The female “Prostate” is called Skene’s Glands or “Skene Gland”. The Skene Gland is also called periurethral or paraurethral gland. These Glands can be accessed and stimulated through the vagina and are part of the G-spot. They produce semen like fluid and drain into the urethra and near the urethral opening. The Skene Ducts are present on either side of the urethral opening.

It is really simple to make a woman squirt. However, you need to take your time and know exactly how and what to do. To start with you need to warm her up. Start with one finger and get her aroused really wet. Now you need to know where her G-spot is. It is about one and a half to two inches inside on the front wall of the vagina. It feels a little different almost rough compared to the rest of the inside of the vagina. It is easier to find after arousal, when it swells up. Use the middle or index or both fingers in a “come here” motion to stimulate the G-spot. Since every woman is different it may take some trial and error to get the pressure, rhythm and speed right. You will know from her breathing and squirming when you get it right. If you are doing it right she should get really wet. Try and maintain a consistent rhythm. When she gets close to squirting she will get the sensation similar to as if she wants to pee. Keep going this only means she is almost there. She will orgasm and ejaculate within a minute of the pee sensation. She will squirt a clear odor-less fluid. This can be really messy.

It seems that there are some women who do not have a functioning Skene Gland. So in this minority a squirting orgasm may not be possible at all. Even in women who have the anatomy it will take some practice to get things right. Any woman who has a squirting orgasm with you will want to have sex with you all the time. Discover more HERE >>>>>>>



How to Make a Woman Cum (Orgasm)

Orgasm is not a simple process for women. Simple vaginal stimulation is not enough for a woman to orgasm. Only 30% women experience orgasm when they are with a partner. Very often even women do not know why they are unable to climax during vaginal intercourse. Many women feel it is their fault or there is something wrong with them. But the fact is that women need to have sex with every part of the body. Unlike men, women need lots of time to warm-up. Most women respond well to breast stimulation, clitoral stimulation and anal stimulation in addition to the vagina. If done right a woman can orgasm without any direct stimulation to the vagina. To make your woman orgasm, stay away from the vagina till she is fully aroused. Let us see how to work the breasts, nipples, clitoris, anus, G-spot and the vagina, for a sure shot orgasm.

Women’s breasts are connected to her pussy. With the right technique you can have a woman orgasm with breast stimulation alone. When the breasts are stimulated the same areas of the brain are activated as when the clitoris and vagina are stimulated. Women desire breast stimulation so love her breasts. Use your mouth and hands. Explore the sides and the underside of her breasts with your fingers and mouth.

Keep the nipples for last. With the right nipple technique you can give her a nipple orgasm. Tease her. Remember the nipples are very sensitive. Use light pressure, don’t twist the nipples between your thumb and index finger like they were radio knobs. Twist them lightly and ask how hard she likes it. Use your tongue and lightly go around the nipples. Put your lips to the nipples and suck gently. Make a little space between the mouth and the nipple. Draw a long breath cooling the nipple and exhale warming it. When she is highly aroused and about to orgasm keep doing whatever it is that you are doing. Remember every woman is different. Some like it harder others soft. But gentle always works. But it is impossible to figure it out completely. Even if you get it right once, doesn’t mean you will get it every time. Women change with their menstrual cycle. Some women don’t like breast stimulation at all. So you need to know her better before you try it.

Anal stimulation is very exciting for women. Many can come with anal stimulation alone. I am not talking about anal sex but anal stimulation. Use your tongue, fingers, feathers a piece of cloth or whatever. Some men don’t want to use their tongue, and that is all right. So use your fingertips to gently caress the anus. Tease her with a piece of cloth. Use your penis to tease her. Be creative, be gentle and she will love you. Tune into her body and be sensitive to her responses.

Clitoral stimulation is very important for women to orgasm. The clitoris is the female penis head. It is very sensitive so don’t try to stimulate the clit by uncovering the hood. Many women are ignorant about their own clits and have never even touched or experienced clitoral stimulation. Be gentle and help her discover the new sensations. Stimulate it by going left and right or across with your fingers. It is rare but if a woman stimulates her clit she usually goes in circles with all her fingers together gently stroking it every once a while. You can also use your tongue, flicking it left, right and in circles. Lightly blowing air on the clit is very erotic.
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Most men think they know how this works. But the fact is that there is more to vaginal intercourse than thrusting for a few minutes. If you ever watch a woman on top she does not go straight up and down, she moves in a grinding motion. This gives all around stimulation and more importantly it helps stimulate the G-spot. Happy vaginal intercourse for a woman is all about G-spot stimulation. Many women don’t really know where the G-spot is or how to locate it. But every woman responds to G-spot stimulation. To find the G-spot put the middle finger in, palm facing forward. If you curl the finger towards the belly-button you will feel a slight difference in the texture of the vaginal lining, like ridges. This is about an inch and a half inside. Use sex positions that stimulate this spot more. Doggy style and woman on top are the best positions to stimulate the G-spot. If stimulating by hand use your finger to stimulate this spot. You will need to see how the woman responds and where and how it works best. It is not an exact science and some experts believe that the G-spot doesn’t exist.

One mistake every man makes is change of rhythm. A woman will orgasm more easily if one rhythm is maintained throughout vaginal sex. When a man is about to orgasm he starts to thrust harder and faster, changing the pace. This change of pace changes the stimulus the woman was getting and often she does not orgasm even if she was close to it. Try to be consistent throughout vaginal intercourse. Try to maintain the same pace till the end and you have better chances of coming to orgasm together. Not changing the pace helps you last longer and gives the woman the much rhythmic stimulation she needs. Woman on top is a good position. This helps the woman to control the rhythm and pace, and she has better chances to orgasm.

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Copper T Side Effects

Copper IUD, as is obvious, does not provide protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The initial cost of insertion by the doctor is high but is set off by the long term effectiveness of the device.

There is rare possibility of getting pregnant with a Copper T like Paragard in place. If this happens the device needs to be removed. A Copper T cannot cause birth defects but may result in a pre-term baby or miscarriage. A Copper IUD can cause pain in the belly or the pelvis. It may result in heavy vaginal bleeding. It can cause an infection resulting in a fever. You need to watch out for a smelly vaginal discharge if you have a Copper T inserted. There is always risk of the device being displaced. The instance of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is linked to the use of Copper Ts, however Copper Ts themselves do not cause Pelvic Inflammation. Copper T reduces the risk of pregnancy but if a pregnancy does occur it is likely to be ectopic. Ectopic pregnancies have to be aborted.

Although Copper T or Paragard has many potential side effects it is safer than Hormonal IUD like Mirena which seems to have more severe side effects. Safer options of women’s contraception still remain Pills. But pills have their own issues, the biggest being weight gain. So the safest option would be female condoms and spermicidal films, foams, gels, sponges and suppositories. Spermicidal methods are about 74% effective the way they are typically used but if used correctly they can be about 94% effective.

Female Condom Female Condom

Spermicidal films Vaginal Contraceptive Film

Spermicidal foams Vaginal Contraceptive Foam

Spermicidal Gel Contraceptive Gel

Spermicidal sponge Vaginal Sponge

Male Condom Male Condom