Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – CFS Part 1

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is a disease affecting millions around the world. Most cases of CFS are generally misdiagnosed, especially in countries like India. Most symptoms of CFS are also symptoms of Depression and Hypothyroid. However, there are some differences between the three, and it takes skill to diagnose CFS. One significant difference between depression and Chronic Fatigue is that a person suffering from depression usually feels better and more energetic if she starts to or is forced to go on a regular exercise routine. There are medicines which can treat Depression and Hypothyroid, but nothing for CFS. In Hypothyroid also simple hormone replacement therapy works well. In CFS this is not the case. Modern Medical science does not yet understand the cause of the disease, but whatever it may be, there is some physiological problem underlying the disease. I have been suffering from CFS for the past over 20 years. It was triggered after an acute attack of Tuberculosis of the lungs. I took full treatment and have recovered fully. However, there is something not definable by medical science which is still having a lingering affect. There is absolutely nothing that modern medical science can detect in any sort of examination or tests. However, my day to day functioning gets affected from time to time.

Usually my energy levels are the big concern. Such that I have an energy-dip from 9am to 3pm every day. At other times of the day or night my levels of energy are absolutely normal. I exercise two hours in the morning and function quiet normally for the rest of the day. In addition to the daily dip I sometimes get into a situation, such that simple things like shaving, taking a bath or just going out for a walk become extremely difficulty. It has taken me nearly 20 years to figure this pattern out. So my advice to anyone suffering from CFS or even suspect misdiagnosed depression is that you try to figure out your own energy pattern. Also, do not except people around you, friends and family especially, to understand what you are going through. Most of them will give you all sort of advice and will have no regard for your explanations or point of view, especially because very often even you will not be sure what is going on. It sure is difficult for anyone to understand that suddenly and for no reason you do not have the energy to do the most simple of things. If you have CSF you are alone and will have to fight it out on your own and probably for the rest of your life. However, like me, if you are able to figure it out, you will be psychologically better off, because you know what you are fighting, and also that you are not alone.

Your troubles however, do not end just by figuring out the problem. The big challenge is to design your professional and personal life around it.

Women don’t want to F**K, they want to make love

For a man f**king someone or making love is nearly the same thing. When I say “F**K” I mean being rough, quick and unconcerned with the other person’s feelings. A man can make love or fuck a complete stranger in half an hour and be on his way home to his wife. However, for a woman the act of love making is much more intimate and complex. So if you care for a woman please, be sensitive to her feelings and body. Never rush things and don’t go for the clitoris straight away. Take your time in foreplay and be considerate to her responses. I am not saying do not be strong, woman love a tough man, but don’t be clumsy and hurried. Most of us men want to take of our clothes get on top of a woman get inside come to orgasm get-of and smoke a cigarette. This is good sex for a lot of men. Being totally inconsiderate and selfish about the act, and it needs to work for both equally. For us there is not much difference between using a doll, a hand or a woman as long as we can climax. For women the penis is not a tool but a shared resource. The character of the penis matter to women more than anything else. Therefore, most women will not use plastic dummies or other toys. Women need the real thing preferably one that has character and style to her liking. It is not so much the size that matters to a woman but what the man does with it that is the key to her satisfaction. So next time you make love share the penis with your partner as a mutual resource. Encourage her to speak her mind and be aware of her responses. If you can learn to be sensitive to a woman’s feelings in bed she will never leave you. She may even overlook your oddities out of bed. So try it…..

Tantric sex

Tantric sex is at best a modern time distortion of ancient beliefs and practices. However, if you are looking for pure sexual pleasure or build sexual stamina and bring back more pleasure and fun into your love life, read on…. Let me warn you that this has nothing to do with spirituality or ancient wisdom but techniques that will make love making more pleasurable and at best help a man improve health and a woman enjoy sex a lot more and have better and fuller orgasms.

To start with you can try making love the normal way, using whichever position you like best. Please for the woman’s sake please go thru proper foreplay. Once the woman is ready enter her preferable in the missionary position. Start the normal love making but keep the perineum pulled upward, this is the muscle you would usually work to stop urine flow midstream. The idea is to reach a fuller and better erection and be able to last longer. Also when practicing this technique, make sure the man should not have an orgasm. If you are about to have an orgasm stop moving and pull the perineum and stomach inwards, to stop any escape of sperm and semen. With practice you (the man) will be able to have a partial or sometimes even a full orgasm without releasing any sperm and semen.

It takes the body a lot of work to produce semen and sperm and they are the building blocks of life. By not releasing it you will benefit health wise. Many diseases can be cured, especially psychological problems like anger stress and more simply by conserving sperm and semen whether during love making or simply masturbating and stopping short of an orgasm. During lovemaking however, you will need the woman’s full cooperation, so you do not ejaculate. In case you find it difficult to stop ejaculation while inside you may withdraw completely, once the urge subsides penetrate and start again. With practice I can now last for hours without ejaculating. I personally release sperm and semen only once a year. Try it and see the strength and willpower you will have in a few months. If you keep at it for a few years you will become a younger and much healthier person. It is great for the woman, as she will be able to have multiple orgasms every time you make love. Get your free tantric sex video here >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Improve sexual health with Lingam Yoni massage

The word Lingam stands for the penis and Yoni for the vagina. In Hindu scriptures the Yoni (Vagina) is considered sacred and is worshiped. Usually the Yoni of a virgin girl is washed with 5 liquids representing the five elements, which make up the universe. This liquid is then collected and consumed as a kind of holy water. The Lingam of lord Shiva is worshiped by men for power and by women for better married life and by single women for getting a good husband. However here I am going to talk about the medical, psychological and emotional benefits of Lingam Yoni massage.

Both Lingam and Yoni massage are performed usually by one’s sexual partner, or someone of the opposite sex. However having sexual and emotional bonding between the partners is an added advantage. So if you want to go to a shop to get a Yoni / Lingam massage – think again.
Lingam Massage (Penis massage)

This can be performed in various ways. However, I am trying to give you the key points to keep in view when performing a Lingum massage or when someone is giving you a Lingum massage. Lingum massage is not masturbation or just a sexual act. It has far deeper impact on sexual and spiritual health. The objective of a regular lingum massage practice is to improve health, increase sperm count, cure erectile dysfunction, have more control over ejaculation during sex, get stronger and healthier erections, and a lot more….

The first thing to keep in mind is not to use lingum massage as foreplay or a tool for arousal, it is more sacred than that. Always try to have at least a two hour session, but be sure not to have a full orgasm. Whenever you reach the point of having an orgasm ask your partner to stop and pull the perineum (the area between the penis and the anus) upward, this, with practice, will give you total control over ejaculation. Initially if you have an orgasm do not worry, but try not to ejaculate more than once a week for any meaningful benefit. If you lack control, start with once a week sessions or shorter (15 minute) sessions. The idea is to have an erection but to conserve semen and sperm. The body has to do a lot of work to produce sperm and semen, and these should not be wasted, but used as repair material for improving sexual and general health.
To start a lingum massage, both partners should remove all clothing and jewellery. Have eye contact. You can do a dry massage or use some sort of lubricant. I prefer to use oils. I use extra virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil or Almond oil, in rotation. I advise against using oils with additives and cosmetic oils. Always use edible grade oil. The man should lie down and close his eyes, and feel everything that is happening to his body. The woman can now start the massage. Do not go for the penis straight away. In fact cover the penis with a piece of cloth preferably silk and start as far away as you feel proper. Ideally start with a foot massage and move upwards. Stay at least 15 minutes below the knee, softly massaging upwards. A simple rule in any type of massage is to move towards the heart. Next move above the knee, towards the penis, but do not touch it. Do not touch even the scrotum. The inner thigh of a man is very sensitive. Use a light touch in this area. Most men are unaware of the fact that a light sensuous massage in this area can bring them to orgasm, or at the very least give them the hardest possible erection. If you are not getting the man’s proper reaction, either you are going to soft or too hard. Use a feather, or a soft piece of cloth to tease the inner thigh. Work this area for 30 minutes, but stop whenever the man is about to come. With practice you will figure out a way of non-verbal communication, but initially the man can tell you when to stop. Do not just stay on the inner thigh but massage the outside, up to the sides of the buttocks. You may now turn the man over and massage the back of his legs. Pay special attention to the buttocks. You may touch the anus and the perineum but stay away from the scrotum. Stay on the lower back for about 25 minutes. Ask the man to turn over and start lightly massaging the lower and upper stomach lightly. Reach up to the chest and neck. Like in women the nipples of a man are also very sensitive. Pay extra attention here, squeeze them lightly and massage them in both directions. Stay on the stomach and chest for 30 minutes. You can now ask the man to turn over and massage his back for 20 minutes. Pay extra attention to the lower back. If the man is lean, firmly clutch the sides of his lower back during this massage. Also revisit the buttocks. Now you can move to the real thing. In traditional Hindu culture the woman would seek permission to start massaging the penis. Also during Yoni (vagina) massage the man should seek permission before touching the Yoni.

Roll the man over with his legs spread and sit between them on your knees or cross legged. The kneeling position is better. Now massage from the anus towards the scrotum and from the top of the penis towards the scrotum. Be careful with the scrotum itself, because this is probably the most delicate part of the male anatomy. Also try to avoid touching the top one inch of the penis, at least in the beginning, if you are just starting massage sessions for the man. As the man gains more control you may start to massage the top one inch of the penis, with the skin pulled back. Make sure that the man does not ejaculate. Use a lot of oil in this area. Also lubricate the head of the penis once but do not manipulate it much. Continue this for as much as you and the man like, try to move to other areas of the body while massaging the lingum. If the man ejaculates you should try not to indulge in inter-course, or lingum massage for 5 to 7 days. A good way to decide when to restart is whenever the man starts to wake-up with an erection, if he was before the day of ejaculation.

In addition to lingam massage sexual health can and should be improved with the right diet and exercise. There are many programs available in the market for Erectile Dysfunction but they do not focus on sexual health. I recently discovered TESTSHOCK which seems like a safe and low cost option for boosting testosterone levels and sexual performance. I would try TESTSHOCK any day as against ingesting dangerous chemicals with life threatening side effects. What I like about this product is that it is a guide for implementing a well researched diet plan. The author of the plan is talking a lot of sense and claims to have used the prescriptions on himself. He is recommending a safe option of a balanced diet plan to boost the enzymes and amino acids needed for a good erection although his focus is boosting testosterone levels. It looks like a safe option. I have not used the product but if I had to I would give it a try before popping a pill or injecting synthetic testosterone in my body. It is a cost effective option costing under $100 for the program. From what I know about TESTSHOCK it may be used not only for curing ED but also for boosting sexual performance in healthy males. For more product details CLICK HERE.

Yoni Massage
Yoni massage is quiet similar to the lingum massage. More or less a similar procedure is followed, with an exception that the breasts are to be manipulated carefully and after the rest of the body and before the Yoni (vagina).  For now please refer to the process followed above in the Lingum massage, and I will write in detail in my next post……

Penis enlargement and premature ejaculation

I have been practicing Yoga pranayama and Sexual Qigong (chi kung or chi gung) for the past over 9 months. The result is that I am not only feeling stronger physically but emotionally and mentally healthier. I have been able to quit smoking and drinking. On the sexual level my erections have become stronger and penis length has become more by about 2/3 of an inch, even the penile girth has become more and the penis has become very straight. My urine flow has also become better, which had become weak due to the aging process and enlargement of the prostate gland. I can now last longer during sexual intercourse; in fact I can control ejaculation till such time I want it to happen. The strength comes from Qigong practice and the control from pranayama. I sometimes indulge in intercourse but do not ejaculate at all. The Vedic theory is that every drop of semen is equal to about 80 drops of blood. Further, the Vedic texts talk the practice of using your own semen (stored in the body) to improve health. Although these processes are slow they are more or less permanent. My suggestion to anyone reading this text is to try these exercises described in some detail in my posts below. If you have a question please write to me.

On how to perform Sexual Qigong Exercise watch video (censored version) at:
If you want I will send you an uncensored version showing exactly how to hold the penis and scrotum.

My experience with sexual self-abuse

I understand that many children start to sexually abuse themselves when they are very young. Following this, as they grow older they develop many emotional, psychological and health problems. When I say “young” I mean even before reaching puberty. I myself started indulging in this vicious and suicidal practice at the age of 7. I think, I liked the sensation of playing with myself. I do not even remember at what age I first ejaculated. I kept at it through the years. When I was around 17 years I met my first girlfriend and had my first sexual interaction with a woman. For some reason, although I had the opportunity, I did not penetrate. With due respect to her, I simply used her as a tool for arousal, pleased her in every way possible, but avoided vaginal penetration. Why I did this I have no idea. She was and is an attractive woman and would not have stopped me. This I later found was a form of onanism (ejaculation outside the vagina). Onanism and masturbation in homeopathy are considered extremely harmful to emotional, psychological and physiological health. I carried on abusing myself in different ways for at least thirty years. This ruined my health to such an extent that at the age of 28 I was completely bed ridden. Till this age I was ejaculating virtually every other day. I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and was treated for it. However, even after the treatment things did not normalise. Till the age of about 38 years I kept suffering from one un-diagnosable condition or another. I was anorexic and extremely under-weight. Through this period I met many women, but even then my self-abuse continued.


At the age of 38 I realised what I was doing to myself. The realisation dawned upon me while studying homeopathy. I started studying Homeopathy at the age of 30 to treat myself. I found a lot of material in texts of Homeopathy materia medica, that talks about the harmful effects of masturbation and onanism. There are many medicines (remedies) in homeopathy that are prescribed for emotional, psychological and physiological issues arising out of sexual excesses.


I used the following homeopathic remedies at different times for different symptoms:

Acid Phos


Please read more in my next post….

20 years with Chi Kung and Yoga

All that I am writing here is based on my experience with Chinese martial art, Yoga, Iron Crotch Qi gong (Chi Kung) and other type of exercises over the past 20 years. Anyone suffering from sexual dysfunction of any kind; premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual appetite, low sexual interest – especially affecting women, lack of fulfillment of desire in bachelors, widows and spinsters. There are many emotional and psychological problems that arise due to excessive masturbation and onanism, which can be cured using Yoga, Qigong. In extreme cases we may need help from Ayurveda and Homeopathy. The exercises and techniques can also help low sperm count, women not being able to have children due to medical issues or otherwise.  All techniques described here will only benefit you to some degree. We need to understand that all ancient exercises, martial art, yoga, qigong etc. aimed at one thing better sexual health which is the key to general health. The first step to nirvana starts with first having perfect health, which in turn depends on sexual health.

Onanism and Masturbation
Let me quickly touch upon the two curses of modern times – Onanism and Masturbation. Onanism is the act of withdrawing the penis in sexual intercourse so that ejaculation takes place outside the vagina. Most readers would consider Onanism and Masturbation harmless acts. However, while studying Homeopathy over the years I have found many remedies (medicines) that treat mental and emotional derangement arising out of these two acts. Therefore, the practice of Yoga and Qigong will not only help strengthen the sexual system, but also remove excessive sexual urge which usually leads to the abuse of the body.

Yoga – Pranayama (breathing exercises)
There are many breathing exercises (pranayama) described in Ancient Hindu scriptures (Vedas). Different exercises have an effect on different “Chakras” or systems of the body. However the starting point towards better sexual health and enjoyment is the “mooladhar chakra”. This is simply the reproduction system of the body. Doing exercises to improve the reproductive system has a dramatic effect on your overall well-being. Two exercises, Kapaal Bharti, from the Indian system and Sexual (or Iron Crotch) Qigong (or Chi Kung or Chi gung), are great to strengthen and make the sexual sphere disease free and increase pleasure and overall well-being.

Kapaal Bhati
Kapaal Bhati is best practiced in the morning before eating anything, in open air. Doing it indoors will benefit, but a little less. The objective of the exercise is to increase Oxygen levels in blood. Most of us usually breathe very shallow and do 10 to 12 repetitions per minute. In Kapaal Bhati you increase repetitions to 60 per minute. It is a simple exercise where you breathe in as you normally do and quickly, with a little extra force push the air out through the nose. When you breathe out you should feel the same stress in your lungs, upper and lower abdomen, as you would when you cough. To start with 30 or 40 repetitions per minute are good, do not force yourself, do as fast as you can comfortably. To get any meaningful benefit you need to do Kapaal Bhati for at least 15 minutes. You will start experiencing changes in about 40 days. However, do not start doing 15 minutes from day one. Start with one set of one or two minutes. Slowly increase the number of sets and duration per set. Your goal is to do at least 3 sets of 5 minutes each. Once you reach this point continue for at least 40 days to experience changes. This exercise when done right increases blood flow which very often results in penile erection in males during the exercise. This erection is different from one you would get during foreplay or looking at erotica. It is fuller, healthy and not requiring sexual release of any kind. If you have the opportunity to indulge in sexual intercourse or masturbate, it would be counterproductive to do so. You need to let this sexual energy play its role in healing or energizing the body.

Within 40 days you will feel healthier, sexier and more energetic. If you are sexually overactive, you will find yourself having less but better quality of sex. If you masturbate and want to give it up, Kapaal Bhati will help. Your sperm count will normalize, in extreme cases it may take a longer time for this to happen. Your skin quality will improve. Your weight will normalize. Your resistance to disease will increase.