Erectile Dysfunction – Do We Worry Too Much?

The only way you can beat Erectile Dysfunction is to figure out what is causing it and what kind of remedies will work for you. The solution may not be the same for everyone. However, curing ED is not as difficult as it may seems. The answer to every sexual dysfunction is usually found in working on your overall health. Any remedy that works locally like creams, sprays and stimulants may not be a long term solution. Let’s see what can help rid you of this sometimes embarrassing condition.

You will need to start exercising more change to a healthier diet and learn to be more relaxed. Listen to music and exercise. You may also need to get more quality rest. And yes drink adequate quantity of water. Giving up porn is also a good idea. Masturbation and porn are killers of sexual fitness. Such changes are the best option but usually take a little longer to work. You may want to eat more fruits and vegetables to balance macro and micro nutrients. To function at our sexual best our bodies need a balanced supply of fat, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition we also need minerals, vitamins and electrolytes to function at our sexual peak. When faced with the inability to have an erection men usually develop the wrong mental attitude, making matters worse. Many times such episodes don’t last long and are the result of short term physical or mental stress. If left alone and not stressed about your body will in most cases resolve the situation spontaneously. By stressing about it and wanting to perform beyond our current condition we end up making the problem worse. If you can learn to not obsess about it and let nature take its course, any short term Erectile Dysfunction episode will resolve itself. However, every case is different and if there is an underlying disease that is causing the sexual dysfunction then you need to take care of the disease first. Any disease or bodily distress can result in reduced sexual ability. If you are otherwise healthy but suffering from ED or simply want to improve your erection quality then sexual qigong and kapalbhati are 2 excellent exercises and should be practiced. Acupressure, Homeopathy and Ayurveda have some excellent remedies for curing ED and improving quality of erections and sexual stamina. I promise to cover these in future posts.

ED is a complex issue. It can be psychological, physiological, simple or chronic and sometimes may occur as a precursor to a disease developing in the body. I have been writing about Erectile Dysfunction and Male Sexual Health for a long time. I have researched lots of material on the subject, both online and offline. In my experience the internet is not really a good place to find quality information and real solutions for ED. I have recently discovered this $10 eBook called “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION”. I think this is a great investment for anyone looking for quality information on the subject. You can check it out HERE >>>

Natural ED Cures in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural ED Cures in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine specialists commonly attribute ED to a couple of problems, a lack of Kidney Yang energy as well as Blood Stasis in the lower abdomen. Frequently, men that have lack of Kidney Yang energy encounter signs and symptoms like regular clear urination, cold hands, exhaustion, as well as lower back pain. In more serious instances, the fire of the Mingmen may be weak causing much more pronounced signs of feeling cold. The word Mingmen describes one of the body’s 2 kidneys, in which the male’s “essence” is preserved.

Chinese Remedies for ED, fertility and male enhancement
Chinese Traditional Medicine is not just effective for treating Impotence but also for Male In-fertility and even Male Enhancement. China has been doing extremely well in terms of producing natural herb treatment for health issues, especially sexual health issues like ED and lowered sperm count. Chinese natives have been using herbs and animal material for centuries to maintain sexual health and treat Erectile Dysfunction. No wonder China has the highest population in the world.

Discussed here are some Chinese Natural Medicine remedies for ED. In instances of Deficient Mingmen Fire, a natural herb formula like ZuoGui Wan works extremely well. This traditional Chinese natural herb treatment warms the Kidney energy and also tonfies the Yang. Natural herb formulas are usually modified to take care of several symptoms or balance an individual body. In some instances of Impotence, some animal materials are commonly used for their improved effectiveness. GeJia (meaning Gecko), Lu Rong (Deer Antler), and also Hai Ma (Sea Horse) may be added to improve the effectiveness of the treatment. Plant-based herbal remedies are usually helpful, like the Rou Gui (cinnamon), Yin Yang Huo (popular name Horny Goat weed), together with Fu Zi (aconite). Plant based Chinese Traditional Medicine materials are cheaper compared to animal materials.

In problems of ED as a result of Blood Stasis, the formula Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang is most typically used. This formula works well for Blood Stasis mainly in the Chest.

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Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction, ED or Impotence

benefits of kapalbhati women

In many cases Erectile Dysfunction (also called Impotence) can be treated successfully without the use of any medication. The first line of treatment for Complete or Partial Impotence is the right “sex diet” and regular exercise to improve Testosterone levels and blood circulation through the body resulting in a healthy penis and harder erections. There are many plants that are regarded as effective natural treatments for Erectile Dysfunction or for attaining harder erections. These types of herbs are highly recommended by specialists treating Partial or Complete Erectile Dysfunction. These herbs are categorized into two types namely; the relaxing remedies and aphrodisiac.

Some herbs often used to treat Impotence and help men attain better and sustained erections are; California poppy, wild oats, lavender, valerian and passion flower. These herbs help improve the quality of erections by enhancing blood flow and making one relax. They also lessen incidence of depressive disorders, anxiety and stress, which often result in Soft Erections and lowered sex drive. This often leads to a long lasting solution for male erection issues.

In addition to natural herbs regular exercise and a proper “sex diet” is essential for beating ED and keeping it at bay. There are many foods like watermelon juice if consumed regularly, that aid male erections by assisting blood flow to the penis. Food that help improve Testosterone levels are especially good for achieving harder erections.

The Real Solution for Erectile Dysfunction 
The real and permanent solution to Partial or Complete Erectile Dysfunction lies in improving blood flow and levels of Testosterone in the body. In addition to Issues with erections low testosterone levels can lead to growth of man breasts, low sex drive, feminine fat deposits, inability to build muscle and depression. The only way to improve and permanently maintain high Testosterone levels is through a well designed diet plan. We are all consuming food that is lowering our T-levels. To find out how to naturally increase your T-levels continue reading HERE >>>>

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

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This is not what you are thinking

Erectile Dysfunction is also referred to as ED or Impotence. Soft Erections or Complete Erectile Dysfunction is not a disease in itself but a symptom of an underlying disease process. Any number of health issues can be the cause of Complete or Partial Erectile Dysfunction, from obesity to atherosclerosis. Heart problems like high blood pressure and diabetes are common causes of weak erections. Multiple sclerosis is an often overlooked reason for erectile issues in men. Too much use of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and recreational drugs may also result in loss or reduction of Erectile Function in men. Certain prescription drugs can be at the root of insufficient male erections. Other reasons leading to Erectile Dysfunction are; injuries or surgical treatments performed on the spinal cord, mental or psychological problems, such as exhaustion, stress, anxiety and depression. Congestion of arteries restricts blood flow to the penis and will also make it challenging for one to attain and maintain an erection. Healthy blood circulation through the body is at the root of attaining a healthy erection. So it is fair to say that whatever is bad for your heart is bad for your penis. Lowered Testosterone levels in men as a result of improper diet has emerged as the single biggest cause affecting millions of men around the world. Discover how to increase T-levels naturally CLICK HERE >>>>>

How to Make a Penis Pump at Home

Penis pumps or vacuum erection devices can give you a stronger, bigger erection. They are often prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction, ED/impotence. It is always advisable to only use prescription penis pumps. Using non-prescription penis pumps is not at all sensible. Such devices may do more harm than good. Typically a prescription vacuum erection device will cost between $300 to $600 and a big part of the cost is covered under insurance.

Penis Pumps work by creating low pressure around the penis resulting in blood vessels to expand allowing more blood to flow into the erectile tissue

Take an ordinary soda bottle

Chop off enough from the top to make space for the bottle to fit over the penis

Chopped PET bottles

It should be a comfortable tight fit

Ideally make 2 sizes. As you expand you may want to change to a larger one

Make a “safety” pinhole on the side

PET bottles with hole

Put some oil or petroleum jelly at the root of your penis and the open end of the bottle. This will give you a better sealing

Slide the bottle over your penis

Let air out through the pinhole by pressing the bottle

Seal the pinhole with tape

Now release the bottle

You should feel your penis being pulled in

Once you get an erection remove the bottle and secure your erection with a cock ring or….

You can use a piece of string at the base of the penis or behind the scrotum and around the penis

For this apparatus to work right, the key is to get a good fit and a bottle that retains its shape

A 400ml cola bottle worked best for me

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