Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction, ED or Impotence

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In many cases Erectile Dysfunction (also called Impotence) can be treated successfully without the use of any medication. The first line of treatment for Complete or Partial Impotence is the right “sex diet” and regular exercise to improve Testosterone levels and blood circulation through the body resulting in a healthy penis and harder erections. There are many plants that are regarded as effective natural treatments for Erectile Dysfunction or for attaining harder erections. These types of herbs are highly recommended by specialists treating Partial or Complete Erectile Dysfunction. These herbs are categorized into two types namely; the relaxing remedies and aphrodisiac.

Some herbs often used to treat Impotence and help men attain better and sustained erections are; California poppy, wild oats, lavender, valerian and passion flower. These herbs help improve the quality of erections by enhancing blood flow and making one relax. They also lessen incidence of depressive disorders, anxiety and stress, which often result in Soft Erections and lowered sex drive. This often leads to a long lasting solution for male erection issues.

In addition to natural herbs regular exercise and a proper “sex diet” is essential for beating ED and keeping it at bay. There are many foods like watermelon juice if consumed regularly, that aid male erections by assisting blood flow to the penis. Food that help improve Testosterone levels are especially good for achieving harder erections.

The Real Solution for Erectile Dysfunction 
The real and permanent solution to Partial or Complete Erectile Dysfunction lies in improving blood flow and levels of Testosterone in the body. In addition to Issues with erections low testosterone levels can lead to growth of man breasts, low sex drive, feminine fat deposits, inability to build muscle and depression. The only way to improve and permanently maintain high Testosterone levels is through a well designed diet plan. We are all consuming food that is lowering our T-levels. To find out how to naturally increase your T-levels continue reading HERE >>>>

How to boost your testosterone naturally

I have written about masturbation, ejaculation and men’s health in general. Taking the discussion further I will talk about how to boost your testosterone naturally and retain “Jing”. Excessive ejaculation by men causes a number of issues which are related to depletion of Jing. Jing is the term used in Chinese medicine relating to sexual energy and general health. Through ejaculation we lose Jing and how we can correlate that to the minerals and nutritional profile of semen itself to see what you need to replace if you want to maintain an optimal level of health. You may also want to consider the amount of work our body puts in to create this substance in our body. There is a strong relationship between hormonal health and our sexual health. The quantity the quality and various components that we could use to describe the quality of semen in men is going to have a direct relation to hormonal levels. What happens during arousal is that testosterone levels rise in both men and women.Testosterone is a key hormone for maintaining a healthy libido, growing muscle mass and being active with our muscles. It also keeps our skin healthy and vibrant looking. Testosterone gets very bad rap in mainstream ideology which is the outcome of some false studies done in the past and feminist propaganda related to health. However, much has been cleared away in mainstream medicine and any other field that is looking at health. As I was saying about arousal, the levels of androgenic hormones rise in the body, specifically testosterone. When this rises you get a number of feelings associated with it and it heals our bodies in a number of different ways. What happens after an ejaculation is that the level drops lower than where it was before arousal. Recently a study done in a Chinese college found that testosterone levels stayed low after ejaculation for 2 to 5 days. It is on average by day 7 that these levels rise up to what may be described as normal levels. Normal being the level in a person who has been abstinent for a while. What this means is that testosterone is used as nutrition to produce sperm and semen and as this process is happening it’s using up the available hormones and minerals.

This starts to connect some of the myths of masturbation and ejaculation. Most people dismiss now a days that there is anything to support it. Therefore in the long term excessive ejaculation is going to be a burden on the hormonal system. Lot of benefits that the mainstream ideology talks about, we can get those by engaging in sexual arousal with a sexual partner but avoiding ejaculation. This comes down to practices of Taoists and Yogis in the tradition of Tantra. This is practiced in many cultures with different intentions, but they all recognize the health promoting benefits.

I always advise people to use practices of Qi Gong and Yoga along with controlled ejaculation to avoid issues of energy stagnation in the lower regions. One example is that monks used to have prostate issues, which makes me think of “use it or lose it”. We can see how when something is left alone and not used, problems are going to happen with it. It is like if you don’t exercise your body your muscles are going to shrink, your cardiovascular and health in general is going to go down the hill. Through arousal the blood comes into the prostate, testicles, penis and other areas of the sexual system. It is not ejaculation but the blood flow during arousal that brings health benefits. So the middle ground between ejaculating for Prostate health and abstaining for Hormonal health would be, avoiding ejaculation but still engaging in sexual activity. With this you will learn to be more strong willed and skillful in the bedroom. You will be able to provide pleasure for the partner for longer periods of time and have the opportunity to focus on your partner and not be caught up in trying to attain that peak point for yourself.

By indulging in sexual activity but not ejaculating you get the benefit of maintaining higher levels of Testosterone and other hormones, and you also don’t lose other important enzymes and minerals that go into the makeup of semen and sperm. We can understand why people like Mohammad Ali abstained completely from sexual activity one month prior to a big event. There are a number of other athletes who go by this but there are other athletes who say they are energized by engaging in sexual activity before a big performance. For women athletes it may be a good idea to engage in sexual activity prior to an event. For people who are really high strung ejaculation may relax and relieve tension. People with high testosterone levels are healthier and more productive and remain more active in their middle and older age. Some men who have no effect after they ejaculate, is that they are ejaculating so frequently they don’t have a chance to know how it feels to have higher levels of testosterone in their body. Therefore if you don’t have anything to compare it with you will never know what the effect is going to be if you had higher energy levels from a certain period of abstinence. When I say abstinence I mean abstinence from ejaculation, not from sexual activity. Once they have been through a certain period of abstinence, most people purport that there is a certain amount of drain that comes through ejaculation. You also have to look at a person’s lifestyle. If a person is overeating, engaging in stimulants, antidepressants, there is going to be a certain amount of numbness in your body, mind and spirit; this may also result in the lack of ability to feel the change. You might not be as affected by the drain of ejaculating, but these things do catch up with you.

We also know that from the studies of Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda that Jing must be preserved at all cost and that the sexual system is the center of health. An equivalent for women is the loss of blood during menstruation, but that is another topic which I will deal with in another post.

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