How to Give a Pussy Massage – Yoni / Vaginal Massage

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To start a Yoni massage, both partners should remove all clothing and jewelry. Have eye contact. You can do a dry massage or use some sort of lubricant. I recommend the use of oils. use extra virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil or Almond oil, in rotation, from one session to another. You can mix Vitamin E oil to whichever oil you choose to use. Never use mustard oil on a woman. I advise against using oils with additives and cosmetic oils. Always use edible grade oil. The woman should lie down and close her eyes, and feel everything that is happening to her body. The man can now start the massage. Do not go for the Yoni straight away. Keep your attention on the vagina and try to get aroused yourself. Seeing a woman feeling happy sexually can be a very fulfilling experience. Ideally start with a foot massage and move upwards. Stay at least 30 minutes below the knees, softly massaging upwards. Pay more attention to the foot. A simple rule in any type of massage is to move towards the heart. Next move above the knee, towards the vagina, but do not touch it. A woman unlike men can usually feel sexually activated from proper manipulation of any part of the body. A long and sensual shoulder or a foot massage is probably more sexual for a woman than actual penetration.

If you are not getting the woman’s proper reaction, either you are going to soft or too hard. Use a feather, or a soft piece of cloth to tease the inner thigh, the nipples and the area between and around the breasts. Work the legs above the knees for 30 minutes. A woman will not have an orgasm so soon, however if she does or whenever she does, simply stop and allow it to pass before resuming. Please never use these sessions for your (the man) pleasure. The session is about the woman. However being sexually aroused is natural so enjoy your erection but do not try to penetrate or masturbate. Pay full attention to the woman. With practice you will figure out a way of non-verbal communication, but initially the woman can tell you when to stop. Do not just stay on the inner thigh but massage the outside, up to the sides of the buttocks. You may now turn the woman over and massage the back of his legs. Pay special attention to the buttocks. You may touch the anus and stay on the outside, but stay away from the vagina. Stay on the lower back for about 35 minutes. Ask the woman to turn over and start lightly massaging the lower and upper stomach lightly. Stay clear from squeezing the breasts or even touching them for now. The nipples of a woman are kind of directly wired to the vagina and manipulation of the nipples is like touching the vagina itself.

Reach up to the shoulders and neck. Massage the arms and hands. Stay on each arm and hand for 15 minutes. Stay on the abdomen for 20 minutes. You can now ask the woman to turn over and massage her back for 20 minutes. Pay extra attention to the lower back and touch her breasts from the side. Firmly clutch the sides of her lower back during this massage. Also revisit the buttocks. Turn her over again and get astride her stomach but keep all your weight off her. The woman should not touch or grab the penis. Gently touch the nipples and be aware of the woman’s reactions. With experience you will learn which areas of the breast are more sensitive and what she enjoys more. Stay with the breasts for 30 minutes.

Now you can move to the real thing. In traditional Hindu culture the man would seek permission to start massaging the Yoni.

Roll the woman over with her legs spread and sit between them on your knees or cross legged. The kneeling position is better. Start with lubricating your hands and the vagina well. Pinch the outer lips of the vagina softly from top to bottom and slowly slide up and down with the lips between your thumb and index finger. Move to the inner area. Do not penetrate even with your fingers. Massage here as long she wants or until she tells you to stop. Feel every part and touch everywhere but stay light with your touch. Do not manipulate her and masturbate yourself. Stay sexually aroused but in complete control of yourself. The Yoni massage not only helps the woman but also helps the man to learn control. Sometimes a man may end up masturbating, but try to resist the urge. Whenever the man feels an uncontrollable urge to masturbate he can pull the perineum, upward, as if you were stopping from urinating mid-stream. The woman should ideally avoid actual sexual intercourse, when she is going thru these sessions. But if you must, go ahead and enjoy real sex also.

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